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METERBOXLOCK Home Security Prevention
Meterbox Lock Home Security Prevention
Home Security Advice For Your Mailbox
Meterbox Lock Home Security - Advice for your Mailbox
Illegal Locked Meter Boxes
Illegal Locked Meter Box
Home Security Tips On Fire Prevention
Home Security - Tips on Fire Prevention
Electrical Meter Boxes & Hidden Dangers
Electrical Meter Boxes and Hidden Dangers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A: You don’t need to be home at all. Keys and your invoice will be left in your mailbox leaving your meter box locked and securely awaiting your return.

A: No, this is why Meter box Lock has the CHEAPEST and BEST prices in the industry. Online internet, mobile instant pay, cheques or cash are the preferred methods of payments.

A: Yes these can be fitted with our meter box lock security as well.

A: Yes, generally within 70km North East or South of the Perth CBD.

A: 24-48 hours from the time of placing your booking.

A: Paint and other materials won’t be touched so will not need repainting when installation is over.