Easy Ways To Make Your Meter Box More Secure.

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According to the Australian Federal Police, your home and office are just like any other type of target. They’re not immune to break-ins and thefts. Locking your meter box will instantly make homes and offices feel safer. When asked, Shaun McCrae from Meter box Lock, what he thinks about locking a meter box? People secure their meter box nowadays due to intruders using a fool proof method of finding out if your home or not. They turn off your power at the meter box, wait out of sight and see if you come out to turn it back on or not. If you do they simply move on , if not,they go. now: what can they do to keep them safe?

Check out these simple ways to make your meter box safe.

For wooden meter boxes it’s best to fit a window and an approved lock to the door of the meter box. This locks it away from intruders and unauthorized tampering.

Use an authorized lock to lock the meter box.

1. Use a WAS Lock In Western Australia or an approved service lock applicable in your city.

The first thing you should do is get a good quality Western Power approved cam lock.. You want something that will last a long time without seizing up.. If you have a cheap locking mechanism, chances are it’s not going to hold up well over time. Especially near the ocean. Regularly spray the internal lock with a light lubricant to ensure long life.

2. Make Sure The Meter Box  Closes Completely

Make sure that the meter box door  is fully closed before you try and fit your western power lock. So no insects or dirt can get into the box.. If you don’t close the meter box completely, you could end up having to force out a nest of redback spiders as they love to live inside your meter box.. That could cause potentially a health hazard and care should be taken when placing hands inside the meter box.

3. Don’t Use A Tool That Could Scratch the Paint

When cutting a hole for the viewing window or drilling a hole for the lock. Take extra care to not slip and cause an unsightly scratch. That will lead to a repainting of the door and can only be done professionally by a qualified painter. Use eye protection and wear gloves to protect your hands.

4. Keep The Keys  Separated From Each Other

If you leave the keys in the same place where they’re stored, then they’ll always be accessible. However, if you keep them somewhere so they are separated and lose one you still have the duplicate to use to open your meter box. So don’t leave them together in case they become lost. They are high security keys and are matched to that individual lock. So the keys you have wont open your neighbors meter box, but can be opened with a master key that the meter reader retains with them.

5. Clean The Area Around And Inside The Meter box

You should clean the area around the meter box and inside it  periodically. Dirt and debris can build up inside and prevent the lock  from working properly. It’s also an invitation for pests to make their home and reside in the meter box. So an annual clean is recommended.

Meter box

“Dirt or grime can build up in the meter box over time, especially if you have neglected to clean it out. To prevent this problem, you should take the time to thoroughly clean the meter box once a year. Make sure to wipe down the entire area, including the sides and bottom,” says Shaun McCrae-Meterbox Lock Owner.

6. Check The Meter Regularly

Check the meter regularly to ensure that it’s still working and monitoring your energy usage. If you notice any problems, then you need to contact your energy supplier.  Otherwise, you may find yourself with power or gas issues that go to service your property.

7. Why Are My Power Bills So Much

The only way to isolate and view individual power consumption in Australia is with a device called a PowerPal. It connects to your meter and shows what’s consuming the most power within your home. It’s a very useful device to assist in lowering your energy bill. They cost approx $120 and are well worth the money.Its connected easily to your meter and shows in real time what is using what and how much it’s actually costing. It’s connected by an app to your phone and you can actually walk around the house turning appliances off and seeing the consumption levels drop or rise and the cost for each device as it’s being used.

Why Lock A Meter Box?

It’s essential that you lock your meter box for various reasons. To maintain privacy and to protect your power and gas services.

The meter, main switch, fuses, and circuit breakers that control the flow of electricity into your home are all housed in your meter box. All meter boxes should be entirely secure for safety reasons. Approved Western Australian Services (WAS) locks are available from Meter box Lock.

Call  METER BOX LOCK To Secure Your Meter Box

Installing Western Australian Services Locks to secure your gas and electrical services is one step to avoiding a home burglary. Meterbox locks provide maximum security by securing meter boxes and keeping burglars out. There are no ongoing fees or charges and once locked that’s it. You get peace of mind knowing your services are protected

METER BOX LOCK installs Western Power and Atco-approved clear, round viewing windows and a keyed lock that keeps your meter box locked, allowing only you and the meter reader access—keeping intruders away from your family, home, and valuables.

Contact us at meterboxlock@gmail.com to learn more about our products & services, and feel free to reach out. Or check out more info here-https://www.meterboxlock.com.au

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