Attacked By The Things IN The Meter Box

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Today was a rough day. The dog was beaten up by a wild cat that actually wanted to brawl with my dog. The cat was domesticated, but the owner told me it was once a wild cat that wandered in and stayed with them from that day. So that’s why it was not afraid of a dog and actually went looking to beat one up when it arrived on his property. I initially saw it at the front door step and scared it away before letting my dog out of the car. But that just excited the cat. Five minutes later it returned to face off with my puppy and proceeded to try and remove her face. She got away unscathed, but the cat needed to be physically removed to get it away from my dog. 

So, the dog had a rough day. But not as bad as my surprise. Upon opening the electrical meter box for myself I discovered a medium sized paper wasp nest fixed to the meter box door. When I opened the door, the wasps went into attack mode and descended on me. I had to jump a fence but slipped and fell on my head only to disturb a much larger nest located under the fence railings. Then the air was filled with very angry wasps and I was hurt. My hip had hit the fence and was feeling bad, but the swarm of wasps helped distract me from that pain. I was then chased around the property for 5 minutes by a huge swarm of paper wasps that wanted nothing more than to sting me again and again. I hid from them and then the pain in my hip set in but I had to just suck it in and get on with it. I sprayed the meter box wasp nest and got chased again. But avoided any stings. I then removed the empty nest to then be confronted with one of Australia’s most venomous spiders. The unmistakable red abdomen of a female nesting redback was the next pleasant finding inside the meter box.

Meter box lock

A lockable meter box is a comfortable home for them to build a nest and raise their young. It is warm, has no wind and stays dry. So, I would say it’s a spider’s penthouse. I am used to seeing them now and see them daily. I have stopped killing them a time long ago and just work around them now. But this is a normal example of what can be found in most meter boxes. So be prepared for any such critters when opening your own meter box. I was just very unlucky to find a wasp nest, fall over the adjoining fence which coincidently just happen to have an even bigger nest right where I fell on my head. After managing to avoid the wasps, but buckled my hip which will be bruised for weeks, only to find mamma Redback and the babies in there waiting for me to return. 

In the end, the job was done and done well. The customer had the classic burglary situation in order to Keep Electric Meter Safe Lockable. Two offenders the other night switched his power off to see if anyone was inside. They hid behind a wall and waited to unfortunately see the owner come out with his torch and when they saw him, they bolted into nearby bushland and got away. They would have cleaned him out if he was not home. 

My cautionary tale is to be aware of what’s in your meter box and bring the bug spray with you if you are going to open it. If your power suddenly goes out take precautions from not only the creepies, but also the creeps.

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