Top Reasons To Lock A Meter Box

A meter box houses various electrical components along with the main switch,
meter, circuit breakers, and fuse that regulate energy flow throughout your
home. With that said, you must ensure that your meter box is wholly
protected and then you’ve to lock a meter box.

Lock A Meter Box

Karina Wolfin, Direct Appliance Rentals safety consultant, says, “Safety must
be everyone’s priority. To ensure maximum protection of your home’s electrical
equipment and gas installations, you need to Lock A Meter Box. More often
than not, your gas and energy provider would not have a way to lock your meter
box for you. For your sense of security, secure your meter box, may it be at home,
or in any commercial, or office setting.”

Achieve that peace of mind by having a secured meter box. Let’s dig deeper
into how this is possible:

Prevent Power Disruption

If your meter box is open or left unsecured, it’s more prone to tampering from
vandals, kids, or offenders. When your electrical supply is disrupted, certain
unfortunate situations can occur. For instance, your frozen meat and
vegetables will quickly defrost and spoil. Imagine returning home to find
water flooding from your freezer! And what about the pungent stench of
decay? You wouldn’t want that to open your fridge.

Avoid Inconvenience

In the same manner, if your gas supply is shut off, that could involve re-
lighting your hot water system and purging the air that creeps back into your
gas supply. For whenever your hot water unit fails, oxygen is pulled in and
combined with the actual gas by backpressure. Only a trained gas fitter would
know how to blow out the air and relight your hot water system when that
happens. Imagine what an expensive inconvenience that could be?

An Extra Layer of Security

Crooked-minded individuals can check whether you’re at home or not by
shutting off your power or gas supply. Perpetrators then wait if you’ll come
out and inspect the meter box. If no one steps out, it means that nobody’s
home and they can proceed with their plans. Get another layer of protection
by having a meter box lock installed.

There’s More To Meter Boxes

In Western Australia, the advancement and rollout of Smart Meters are
currently happening. With over 8 hours of sunlight in Perth, the push for
renewable energy is already well on its way to saving consumers lots of
money by generating and returning electricity into the power grid.

The many advantages of smart meters include:

  • Allow for remote consumption reading.
  • Adds extra security by identifying a spike or varying usage levels, indicating a fault in the system instantly.
  • Provide cleaner power when combined with a Photovoltaic solar unit.
  • Electricity is generated from the sun, meaning less reliance on coal-fired power to supply consumers.
  • Unlocks the sun’s potential and, in turn lowering consumer’s overall costs—basically, lower electricity costs for the consumer.
  • Provides a more accurate picture of consumption levels.

Where to Find Help In Securing Your Meter Box?

You’ve worked hard to invest in the best home and provide everything that’s
best for your family. You don’t want your loved ones to experience any form of
accident or inconvenience as much as possible. This is where a meter box lock
serves its purpose, a locked and secured meter box makes homeowners feel
safe about their homes and family members.

Lock a meter box

METER BOX LOCK provides Western Power and Atco certified, transparent,
round viewing window plus a keyed lock that keeps your meter box safe and
secured. Only you and the meter reader have access to it. Contact us for your
meter box lock needs, and we’ll implement our expertise to ensure your
homes and workplace.

Author:Nicholas Shaw

Nicholas Shaw is a freelance writer based in Sydney. He enjoys writing about trends and developments in all areas including electrical safety.

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