Your old wooden meterbox can be secured by meterbox lock too. We have developed a system that locks your wooden meterbox so it's just as secure as a metal meterbox. Meterbox Lock are the only business that can lock a wooden meterbox.

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Not only are our hand assembled back plates silicone on to seal from water, we also only use vandal proof screws, preventing removal in any circumstance with any tool.

Electrical meter to record electrical consumption in a meter box
Locked wooden meterbox with a viewing window and approved Western Power Lock

If it can be helped, you need to try and avoid replacing your meterbox altogether. Because it requires an electrician to disconnect and reconnect the wiring, which is a costly and very expensive exercise. With our system you only need to pay for the window and the lock which is a one-off payment.

Five vandal proof screws used in meterbox locks installations

No annual fees for anything! No updating firmware or alarm monitoring fees. FIFO workers, business people on work trips, mothers home alone, all are situations where a locked meterbox is essential. Elderly parents that are very vulnerable to criminals is another example. If this sounds like a situation with your Mum or Dad, give them the gift of peace of mind and get their meterbox secured.

Meterbox Lock also provides services if you need your hinges replaced or renewed. Or even if you need a whole door replaced, we can do that.

A white meterbox with a viewing window and Western Power Lock Perth


Yes, one-way or anti-vandal screws are used for our installations preventing the removal of the viewing window.

No, sorry you will need a carpenter and an electrician for a full replacement of the box.

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