Best Place to Locate A Gas Meter Box and Electrical Meter Box in Australia

Gas and electric providers in Australia follow strict protocols when entering a property to read the meter. In some cases, the meter reader cannot access the meter box or get into the property, resulting in an estimated gas/electricity consumption.

“Proper placement of a gas or electric meter box isn’t only for convenience. It’s also critical for the safety of the building’s inhabitants. The requirements may slightly vary between gas and electric providers, but there are general rules to be followed.”, says Shane Perry, investment manager at Max Funding.

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For the safety and convenience of both parties, take into account the following factors when installing a meter box:

  • The meter must be accessible without the need to get through a neighbour’s property. It should be installed a maximum of 1000 mm behind the building frontage or a wall. You may also put it at the rear of the property if front access is not possible, but this is subjected to approval from the utility provider.
  • The meter box and the route towards it must be free from obstructions and hazards, such as heavy machinery, unfinished construction, shrubs, and dogs.
  • Place to locate a Gas Meterbox in a location where the use of a ladder, stairway, or ramp will not be necessary.
  • Meter boxes should be at least 750 mm away from any opening, such as doors, windows, or air inlet. Here are more electrical safety tips you should know.
  • The meter reader shouldn’t have to pass under any part of your homes, such as an enclosed garage or a basement.
  • Find a location where it will not be affected by moisture, fumes, dust, vibration, or any other external factor which may cause pre-mature deterioration of equipment.
  • It’s also prohibited to put it in a carport or any other place where it can be hit by vehicles.

  • There are circumstances where the meter box can be installed outside the property boundary due to steep level, poor soil condition, terraced gardens, dense vegetation, retaining walls, etc.
  • The gas/electric meter box must not be located within a pool enclosure. Should any future workplace the meter box in such an area, the homeowner must request the altered position. Typically, the alterations will be shouldered by the homeowner.
  • A meter box must not be installed on a fence unless it’s made of masonry. If it is to be installed on a boundary wall, a permit must be obtained first.
  • Need a Place to Locate a Gas Meterbox at its best location in according to each and every perspective.
  • The ambient temperature must not exceed 45°C and not fall below 5°C.
  • There should be at least a 150 mm distance between utility meter boxes.
  • It’s crucial to fireproof the meter box if the building is made mainly of timber.

  • Freestanding meter boxes must be supported by galvanised steel posts buried at least 400 mm below the ground.

  • It is strongly advised to enclose your meter boxes with a sturdy material to prevent authorised access, third-party damage, vandals, and weather. The meter box lock should also be made of fire and corrosion-resistant material with a viewing window.

Note: Enclosures made of 316 steel are best suited for coastal areas.

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