Home Security – Where It Is At Today And What Works.

Your home has never been more at risk from thieves wanting to rob your property. This will not slow, ease or taper off in the future. Like inflation it will rise and keep rising as time passes. Being aware of what works and what is outdated is the best way to secure yourself. Tech savvy criminals are very aware of how and what is used to protect homes. Being the owner of Meter box Lock, I am out and about every day in the home security scene and see the reasons that make your place a target or potentially avoid a break-in.

Alarms and back to base monitoring are fading out very fast due to the annual costs involved and other expenses like maintenance of alarm systems. Anyone now with a monitored alarm is still looking at the best way to protect your home. A home monitored alarm is effective and will work most of the time. But recently I’ve seen breakins where the screaming alarm sirens didn’t even deter the offenders. They put up with the noise while ransacking the place and risked the neighbours investigating, but no one even checked why the alarm was activated. If your place is hit by these drug feulled crims they are in and out in minutes. Not caring about an alarm they will ransack looking for anything of value left out in the open. Your new monitored alarms also offer mobile phone apps that let you see whets happening where ever you are. When connecting with your CCTV that records any movement they are a valuable weapon that can lead to an arrest. But its rare that it gets to that point. The home will be overlooked by a criminal that’s showing an external alarm box and CCTV cameras.  The disadvantages are without a backup battery the alarm is useless without power and if your meterbox is unlocked it will be targeted and the power will be switched off. The next issue is ongoing yearly costs to monitor and service the system. These are costly and out of most peoples budget now. So when used with CCTV home alarms are great and effective, but costly and vulnerable if your Meter box isn’t locked.

Home DIY CCTV systems that are connected to your mobile phone are now the norm and the next evolution in home security. These are small multi-camera systems on a 12v power supply that can be installed easily without an electrician and do not cost thousands to buy. Discreet and waterproof, they give you eyes on your property when you are out and can record everything that moves. It is the first thing a cop will look for after a burglary. Even if you don’t have them, it is likely your neighbors will and there may be incriminating footage. You cannot get away with anything nowadays with the amount of potential surveillance available. The chances of getting caught 100% are very high.

The police will also lock onto anyone within the vicinity that has CCTV and request footage within a certain timeframe. They will provide the most likely time of the offence and this saves you time to locate the car driving past or person walking of interest.
As mentioned, the next thing a policeman will look for after a robbery is a Ring doorbell. These things are gold and worth the $40 annual fee to store anything that moves in front of them 24/7.

Being motion activated they detect and record suspects and provide timestamps as evidence that usually lead to their arrests. But big tip! If you’re going to get a Ring doorbell, wire it up so you never have to worry about battery changes which are quite frequent. Get your doorbell hardwired and this can be done without an electrician as well! Otherwise, you can go for long periods of time without knowing the doorbell battery is flat.

However, the best initial decision regarding your home security is to secure your power and gas with a window and lock. The visual deterrent of both meter boxes locked along with a Ring doorbell and CCTV will ensure you’re the least attractive target on the street

Without a locked meterbox both these essential home security devices are useless, and every burglar looks for this before considering if they will break into your place or not. It starts at the meterbox and Meterbox Lock can sort yours out with one call. Tomorrow your meterboxes will be locked up tight and you have one less worry to think about. To seriously deter any offender, you need to do this.

Lock your meterboxes, everything listed below is useless without power. Except the dog!

  • Get a ring doorbell with recording stored in their cloud.
  • Get a dog that has a decent bark.
  • Install a monitored alarm.
  • Connect it to your CCTV cameras
  • Install sensor lights.
  • Install Roller shutters
  • That’s my two cents and it works from vast experience seeing crime scenes every day.

Circuit breakers work like fuses but with more effectiveness. A modern electrical panel consists of multiple breakers represented by switches. They are usually numbered or labelled. One circuit may include all the outlets in the kitchen, and the other covers all outlets in the living room.

If a circuit breaker detects a fault, it automatically turns off to break the electrical connection. Unlike a fuse, you just have to switch the breaker on again. But you need a licensed electrician to install a circuit breaker.

Window Meter box Lock


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