Meterbox Security in Perth

Today’s job was a classic picture of the criminals today. It was a Saturday night and the offenders had already targeted a house for a visit. They had planned on spending their Saturday evening taking their time robbing the property in question. Firstly, they tried to establish if there was anyone inside to be on the safe side. One guy hid in the bush across the road while his mate waltzed over to the meter box and proceeded to flick the power off. He then went and hid behind a wall out of sight as they waited to see if anyone would come out to turn the power back on. 

Lock Down Your Meter Boxes

A short period of time passed. The Dad was inside – he was into his gaming and loved Fortnight. The loss of power meant his internet instantly dropped out along with his lights and other electrical products. His laptop was using it’s battery, but that was useless if he didn’t have the internet. Slightly agitated he proceeded to venture outside and see if it was a simple tripped breaker fuse. As he was opening the front door, the offenders were working out how they would smash a window and what to use to do it. Dad burst out the front door and startled the two thieves so badly they instantly took off towards the bush in a state of fright.

He clicked what was going on and flashed his torch and yelled abuse at them. He was lucky because if he was out, he would have come home to a burgled house. But the stark question remains, will they come back to try again? Well the chances are slim unless they had a particular target. Like the high-powered car in the driveway. So, the constant anxiety caused by this incident prompted him to call me and get his meter box secured. He was lucky, most customers will worry that the offenders have not been caught and may try it again. It is a constant stress that goes with the whole horrible experience.

The only relief from the stress is to find a way to feel safe. One way to do this is to have a lockable meter box. If you are going to get one done, why not provide an extra layer of home security and lockdown both meter boxes at the same time? It shows an offender that you are serious about keeping your property safe and if you have gone to the extent to obtain meter box security, you will have the rest of your place pretty much locked down as well. Then the “too hard” decision will take over and they will look at your next-door neighbors for their target.

So, locking both meter boxes will not only increase your home security to a higher standard and leave you much less likely to be a victim of crime, it also adds value to your house and gives you the added peace of mind and one less stress in your life to worry about.

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